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Hello, welcome to Phil's Family History Pages.

Ever since I was a boy I occasionally toyed with the idea, of trying to draw my family tree. I think the idea of a family tree appeals to me as a mathematician, plus I have been slowly getting more interested in history, especially after joining The Sealed Knot Society, and getting involved in traditional folk music and dancing. I never had any interest in history of any kind at school. I just couldn't see the point of memorising a whole series of apparently unconnected events.

Anyway back to the story. I have never done anything about it until last year (1998). What really prompted me to start actually doing anything, was discovering that there are whole communities of genealogists (I learned a new word too) and family history researchers on the internet.

Apart from a bit of random web surfing, the first thing I did to start off my researches was to join two email mailing lists. GLOUCESTER-L and LANCSGEN-L. (My sister and I were born in Gloucester, and so were our parents and grandparents. I knew my great grandmother lived in Salford, Lancs. as a child.) I soon discovered that the Lancashire list was a bit too high volume to cope with, so I unsubscribed, and just 'lurked' for a few months on the Gloucester list.

I soon realised that even though there seems to be enormous amounts of information on the internet, what is available is minute compared to the number of people in the world, and the numbers of relatives and ancestors, each of these people have.

... to be continued ... (eventually, probably, if I ever get around to it)

Here is the list of surnames in my direct line:-
Abell, Barradine, Bircher, Corbett, Earby, Francis, Goodship, Hopkins, Joyner, Lewis, Mills, Preen

I have started to write up some details on one of my great-great-grandfathers (Rowland Leslie Abell) and one of my great-great-great-grandfathers (George Mutlow Abell).
For more details see my Family Tree Diagram.

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