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Here is a picture of some of the musical instruments I play.

This is me playing tin whistle with Martin and Lindsey. I had drunk a bottle and a half of wine at the time, and did not play particularly well.

A picture of me sitting on the floor in Much Wenlock - Well it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Martin in Much Wenlock.

Martin in Much Wenlock again.

Martin still in Much Wenlock.

Martin in Ironbridge.

Me in Ironbridge.

Me in Florence.

The Bang On The Wall Band at the Guildhall in Leicester. From left to right, front row: Rose and Martin, back row: Ruth, John, Phil and Pete.

The Bang On The Wall Band at the Guildhall in Leicester.

Pete enjoying a tankard of Ale with a couple of seventeenth century soldiers.

Members of The Bang On The Wall Band.

Me looking very dignified near Sorrento.

Me looking not quite so dignified.

A photograph of me in the castle at Tintagel

Still at Tintagel

Mark in Greece, about to be hoisted 150 feet into the air in a cage.

Mark decides to jump out of the cage.

Luckily Mark has a laggie band tied around his ankles

The elastic band stops Mark from getting wet in the swimming pool - well nearly.

Hey! Looks like we've hooked a big one!

Here is a picture of me with a crisp bag on my head.

This is a picture of my Mum doing her Tommy Cooper impression.

This is me proudly receiving my award for winning a prestigious skittles match.

Out drinking with Martin and Pete.

A photograph of Martin when he had a beard.

The people at Loughborough Folk Dance Club show their appreciation of Martin's playing by writing his name in huge letters on the wall at St Peter's Community Centre.

Martin chatting up the girls.

A picture of me looking extremely handsome at Avebury.

Standing stones at Avebury.

Me at Avebury again.