The Great Train Robbery

TitleThe Great Train Robbery
AuthorDon't Know
SourceI learned this of an old record I bought at a car boot sale. I can't remember who the singer was, if you remind me I'll go and check.
Categoriesstory, chorus
CommentsI sing this unaccompanied. I don't sing this very often as it is quite long. I can usually remember all the words, but if I haven't sang it for a while, I'll probably forget it. So I really need to sing it in the car a couple of times before I'll attempt to sing it out. This is based on a true story of the great train robbery, but I don't know how historically accurate it is. The plot doesn't bear much resemblance to the plot of the film "Buster", but I don't know how accurate this is either.
Have you seen Bruce Richard Reynolds he's a man we'd like to find
They say The Great Train Robbery, lads he was the mastermind
And his gang they planned the greatest raid the world has ever known
They've stolen two and a half million quid and now the birds have flown

Have you seen Bruce Richard Reynolds he's a man you must detain
He's wanted for the robbery of  the Glasgow / Euston train
Age thirty-two, height six foot one, eyes grey and his hair is brown
Apprehend Bruce Richard Reynolds he is wanted by The Crown

Now Reynolds was the leader of a South-West London gang
While doing time in prison lads he heard about a plan
To rob a train, but it needed brains so Reynolds upped and said
When I've done my time, me and my lads we'll do the job instead

When Reynolds left his prison cell he started on his scheme
He combed the London underworld to find a daring team
He recruited all the experts lads and a partnership was made
By August '64 the scene was set for Reynolds' raid

On the night of August 12th me lads the raid went like a dream
One hundred and twenty mail bags were stolen by the team
And the hounds were soon in chase me lads but the fox was in his lair
Have you seen Bruce Richard Reynolds he is now a millionaire

They've robbed the mail-train the papers cried next day
They've stolen two and a half million quid and all got clean away
But the robbers left their fingerprints twelve men were soon on charge
But they only caught the brawn because the brains were still at large

By the grapevine came the news me lads that Bruce had made a vow
Well you've not grassed on me he said I'll not desert you now
And iron bars and prison walls they do not bother me
I've robbed the mail so I'll rob a jail and I'll set my raiders free

Well by August '64 my lads old Wilson left his cell
And by August of '65 Ron Biggs had left as well
Have you seen Bruce Richard Reynolds he's a mastermind you know
Well he's breaking in to all the jail's and he's letting his robbers go
MusicI don't have the music

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