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Soar Bridge Inn, Barrow upon Soar

Singers and Musicians session 2nd Monday of each month

plus occasional guest nights

starting at 8.30pm

Main Club Meeting Dates

Please note that this table is automatically generated. If the second monday in a month falls on a bank holiday, the club night may be moved to the following week. The second Monday in January often conflicts with local Plough Monday celebrations, and may be cancelled or relocated.

The Grand Union Folk Club has at its core a group of well established singers and musicians who are drawn together by a common passion - the love of a good session. Even allowing for the occasional absentee, there are enough of us to guarantee that, if you enjoy tradition style acoustic folk music, you will have a great evening out.

Members of the core are:

Stuart Booth, Pete Burnham, Lyn Cooper, Bob Crosby, Tony Jalland, Jacky Lockley, John MacDonald, Phil Preen, Martin Tabraham, Steve Tunnicliff, Martin Wildig, Bill Wilkes

Why not come and join us? We meet in the back room of The Soar Bridge Inn in Barrow upon Soar on the second Monday of every month and start at 8.30pm. There is no formal entry charge but a voluntary contribution of just £1 to help us offset our running costs would be most welcome.

We operate a no smoking policy in the club room but there is no restriction in the rest of the pub.

The club also runs occasional guest nights where there may be an entry fee. See the Leicestershire Folk Diary for more details of these events.

A musicians session specialising mainly in Morris and other traditional English music has now been started. This is currently meeting on the fourth Monday in the month. Musicians are encouraged to play slow enough for improving beginners in the early part of the evening. The local morris dancing sides are always on the look-out for new musicians and it is hoped these sessions will form a useful introduction to English traditional tunes.

For more details phone Bill on 01509 813566 or email Phil at

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Stuart Booth Stuart Booth

Stuart Booth is a powerful singer of traditional style songs and a forceful player of the Bodhran. His music has a strong Irish influence but it varies from old English ballads through to songs associated with the emerging tradition of the new South Africa.

Pete Burnham Pete Burnham

Pete Burnham is a very popular, seasoned performer with a huge repertoire of songs. He sings both acappella and accompanies himself on octave mandola, guitar or concertina. He regularly teams up with other singers, usually contributing a strong harmony to the proceedings. One such collaboration with Sheila Mosley has recently borne fruit in the form of a CD called "A Conflict of Harmonies". Pete is the owner/compiler of the "Leicester Folk Diary” web site. His travels around the clubs delivering the magazine must make him one of the most widely travelled people on the local folk circuit. Pete has also teamed up with Bill Wilkes to form Wilbur Promotions, and are now presenting a number of concerts at the Y Theatre in Leicester.

Pete's Leicestershire Folk Music and Song pages
Leicestershire Folk Diary
Wilbur Promotions
Pete Burnham and Sheila Mosley
CD - A Conflict of Harmonies

Lyn Cooper Lyn Cooper

Lyn Cooper is a singer, songwriter and good all round musician who is well known on the local folk scene. She is equally at home performing her own well crafted numbers, singing unaccompanied traditional songs or providing the harmonies for other singers. She is a sensitive guitarist, a fine English Concertina player, and isn't half bad when performing on the whistle. She is the leader of the Navigation Band and sometimes performs as part of an informal duet with Martin Tabraham. And if that wasn't enough she also dances with Anstey Royale Chalfont North-West Morris team.

Anstey Royale Chalfont
The Navigation Band

Bob Crosby Bob Crosby

Bob Crosby is a fine singer of traditional song, usually performing them unaccompanied. He is predominantly known as a shantyman but he also turns in the occasional ballad and the odd humorous song. Bob is a stalwart of the Everard's Anstey Old Original Cotswold Morris side.

Anstey Morris Men

Tony Jalland Tony Jalland

Tony Jalland is a much admired singer who usually accompanies himself on the guitar. He learnt his craft with a folk band in the seventies but now performs as a solo act. His sensitive style and melodious delivery have made him a firm favourite at both the Seagrave Folk Workshop and the Swan in the Rushes Folk club.

John MacDonald

John MacDonaldJohn McDonald is a raconteur who has a huge repertoire of songs that extends from the likes of the Beatles and Donovan through to the traditional songs that he grew up with in his native North East. He often accompanies himself on the mandola and his skill on the Bodhran is second to none. John is the front man of the Geordie / Irish band Canny Craic and is also well known locally as a caller at barn-dances, often appearing with another of his groups the Moonshine Ceilidh Band. John is one of the unsung heroes of the folk world. He started the folk workshop at the White Horse in Seagrave on a Thursday night, a session that has both introduced many people to the world of folk music and given many the confidence to perform in public. John and his partner Isobel now run the South Leicester Folk Workshop which meets in Blaby on a Tuesday evening. John and Isi also run the Counties Folk Agency.

Canny Craic
Counties Folk Agency

Phil Preen

Phil Preen is an enthusiastic supporter of all things traditional. His portfolio of songs varies from the traditional to the humorous. He plays the whistle, anglo concertina, bodhran and spoons. Phil received a xylophone for his 40th birthday but we've not seen him play it out yet. He is a member of the Bang on the Wall Ceilidh Band and dances with Everards Original Anstey Morris Men and Sergeant Musgraves Dance.

Phil's Home Page
Anstey Morris Men
Sergeant Musgraves Dance
The Bang On The Wall Band

Martin Tabraham Martin Tabraham

Martin Tabraham is a wonderfully lyrical singer, accomplished guitarist and imaginative player of various whistles. He also plays English Concertina, can squeeze a decent tune out of the Scottish lowland bagpipes and can often be heard harmonising on the choruses when other singers perform. His material ranges from the English and Celtic tradition through French dance tunes and Richard Thompson numbers to the blues. Martin is a well established performer who often appears solo around the local folk clubs, he is a member of the trio Wheezle, he plays with the Navigation Band and sometimes teams up with Lyn Cooper for the occasionally number.

Steve Tunnicliff Steve Tunnicliff

Steve Tunnicliff is a man steeped in local tradition. He is an eloquent singer who is equally at home with pithy ballads and bawdy music hall numbers. He plays melodeon and fiddle for both New St. George and Rutland Morris teams as well as dancing with both sides. Every year around Plough Monday, the bearded figure of Steve can be found in local pubs clad in a flowery dress and hob-nail boots as he plays the outrageously funny "Dame" in the Long Clawson mummers play; a small part of our past that Steve has been instrumental in researching and reviving.

New St. George Morris
Rutland Morris Men

Martin Wildig Martin Wildig

Martin Wildig is a great melodeon player and consummate fiddler. He leads the Bang on the Wall Ceilidh Band, is a member of the highly acclaimed Mortimers Morris Band and was until recently the "musical director" of Anstey Royale Chalfont's North-West Morris Band. Martin now also plays for the band of Sergeant Msugraves Dance. Martin's repertoire extends from English dance tunes through the celtic tradition to French dance music. His uncompromising, lively, driving style has made him the toast of many a pub session.

Martin's Home Page
Mortimers Morris
Anstey Royale Chalfont
Segeant Musgraves Dance
The Bang On The Wall Band

Jacky Lockley Jacky Lockley

Jacky Lockley is a born performer and singer of unaccompanied songs. Her roots are firmly anchored in the tradition but she is also an excellent exponent of music hall numbers. She has a strong interest in ancient customs, folklore and ritual dance and is a member of Anstey Royale Chalfont North West Morris team. Jacky is also part of the acappella harmony group “Young no More” along with Nic Burdett and Vic Simpson.

Anstey Royale Chalfont
Young No More

Bill Wilkes Bill Wilkes

Bill Wilkes is a thick skinned Brummie who can always be relied upon to sing (whether you want him to or not!). Once he starts singing, it is a rare audience, in or out of folk clubs, whose attention is not immediately grabbed by his wonderfully deep, rich, powerful voice. His sensitive interpretation and delivery has earned him the respect of many other singers and he is in his element when leading the assembled congregation in a chorus. He is also a born organiser, without whose drive and enthusiasm the Grand Union project would have remained a bright idea at the bottom of a pint pot. Bill has also teamed up with Pete Burnham to form Wilbur Promotions and are now presenting a number of concerts at the Y Theatre in Leicester.

Wilbur Promotions