Leicestershire Folk Groups And Artists

This list is by no means comprehensive. In fact it just lists some of the groups my friends are in. However I would be happy to add any details of any other Leicestershire based artists or groups here. So drop me a line with your details, and I'll add you in folkartists@thehat.free-online.co.uk.

Canny Craic


Geordie / Irish Band

The main man in this band is John MacDonald and on guitar is Neil Cadwallader.

Also sometimes in the band is Martin Wildig and Michael Scrivens.

Neil and Martin (and sometimes Michael) are also in The Bang On The Wall Band.


John & Isi at The Counties Folk Agency

Platform 2


Ceilidh Band (Country Dance Music)

This band is fronted by Lindsey, who is an excellent piano accordian player. Also usually in the band is Eddy on guitar.

Platform 2 very often play at Loughborough Folk Dance Club.

Martin sometimes plays fiddle (violin) & squeezebox (melodeon).



The Bang On The Wall Band


Ceilidh Band (English Country Dance Music)

This is my band! I play drums and tin whistle. Actually Martin is the main man, with his squeezebox (melodeon) & fiddle (violin).

The Bang On The Wall Band now have thir own website

Also in the band is one or more of Neil Cadwallader, Colin Keefe, Pete Toms, Michael Scrivens.



The Craic


Celtic Band

I've seen them around a couple of times, and they're pretty OK.
I got a very nice email asking for a link to their site, so here it is: The Craic

Fiona Maurice Smith


Accordionist and folk music/dance agency

Fi is a most excellent piano accordion player, and she plays for ceilidhs and various other types of event. She also plays for a number of other bands, and runs her own agency for booking folk bands. See website for more details.

John Macdonald


Geordie Singer

John Macdonald aka Macca is a great singer and can be seen around many of the local folk clubs. John is also a member of a number of bands and is a great caller for barn dances/ceilidhs. John and his partner Isi now also run their own folk agency.


John & Isi at The Counties Folk Agency

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